Beautiful Savior senior rehabilitation and skilled nursing center has been providing residents and local Belton seniors short-term rehabilitation therapy services for more than 40 years. Our highly trained staff is well versed in a range of physical, occupational and speech therapies, and is focused on helping each individual get back to a normal routine as quickly as possible.

We understand that every situation is unique, and create personalized programs to support complete recovery—allowing patients to regain the highest level of independence and functionality. This patient-centered care is all about getting you or your loved one back to home and life, and we work with nationally recognized Aegis Therapies through every stage of treatment and reinstatement to make that happen.

Housed in our skilled nursing facility, the senior rehabilitation therapy center features eight private suites with semiprivate rooms to create a comfortable and relaxed stay for temporary patients and long-term care residents alike.

The senior rehab hall offers:

  • Large suites in a secure environment

  • Private spa room with whirlpool tub and a shower

  • Access to the skilled nursing center dining room at patient’s leisure

  • Renowned and experienced Aegis Therapies staff dedicated to individual support, even after release

  • Care supported by Medicare and Medicaid and most insurance policies accepted—please contact us to inquire about your specific provider and plan coverage


About Our Partnership With Aegis Therapies

In order to ensure the best rehabilitation therapy services for our residents, Beautiful Savior enlists the expertise of Aegis Therapies to provide our physical, occupational and speech therapies. As the preeminent provider of contract senior rehab therapy in the U.S., Aegis has a longstanding reputation for quality care—with decades of experience and thousands of dedicated therapists nationwide. Its nationally recognized clinical programs and services have tracked more than five million outcomes attesting to the highest level of rehabilitation service in the industry.

Aegis is a perfect fit for Beautiful Savior senior rehabilitation therapy as it upholds the same patient-centered approach as we do—before, during and even after care. Even before admissions, Aegis works with patients to obtain orders so treatment can begin as soon as possible. Therapists consult with nurses to monitor patients’ medical conditions to tailor therapy to each individual’s ability. They also work with families to help them understand the best ways to assist their loved ones reach their goals.

As a specialty rehabilitation provider, Aegis has developed some of the most effective therapy programs and tools in the industry—including ways to measure success. Aegis monitors and records the progress of every patient, comparing individual patient improvements to information contained in an extensive national database to demonstrate that each patient is achieving appropriate functional gains. Aegis is one of the few companies that has the ability to measure clinical outcomes in this manner.

Additionally, when a Beautiful Savior patient is ready to return home, Aegis therapists visit to evaluate the environment for any obstacles to safety. For example, they check to see if a stairway is too steep, if the shower needs grab rails, or if there is a throw rug that might cause a fall. We have found that patients face new challenges when they go home…and together with Aegis, we are taking an extra step to make sure they remain safe.